Saturday, June 23, 2007


Welcome to the night and you will see i have the magic power!

Well my blog has been very neglected mainly because ive been revising for exams and my last one is in 2 days, but i have started doing magic and theres a link at the bottom of the page. i guess it was a way of procrastinating from doing revision although its turned into a real hobby now, ive made some videos so please watch and feel free to comment if you have a youtube account, if not you can comment on my blog. I have some of my guitar videos aswell but most of them are quite old. Well i guess this post has just turned into an advertisment for my magic videos now, oh and im sorry i cant tell you how ALL the tricks are done, as that would be breaking the magicians code, but some of the simple ones you can guess at anyway.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Yes i'm back on one of my favourite topics, man-made global warming. The universities and colleges all over the world TEACH us that CO2 does NOT increase global temperatures. So why does the media tell the rest of joe public that OOHH we are ruining the world!!! ohhh we're creating our own armageddon!!!!

Well there was a programme on last night on channel 4 (U.K.(the great global warming swindle)) that was giving my view, and more importantly the FACTS about global warming. Theres no doubt the earth is getting warmer, but its been warming up and getting colder for millions of years and theres solid proof of that, in the form of ice cores, and the sea. The earth was much warmer than it is now about 10, 000 years ago, and the polar bears survived that, they are very adaptable. So then, why are the one track minded environmentalists jumping up and down trying to save them?!?!

Now, evidence has shown (and you can access this data from the nasa website) that CO2 is not increasing global temperatures, infact the opposite is true. The rise in global temperatures is leading to CO2 increase. As the temperature increases the oceans heat up and realease the CO2 into the atmosphere, and when the temperature cools down CO2 decrease, as the oceans take in CO2. These are net movements, obviously CO2 is going in and out of the oceans all the time. (and the oceans contain more CO2 than we can fathom). Believe it or not the worst greenhouse gas is WATER VAPOUR because it reflects heat back down to the earth. Less than 5% of greenhouse gases are CH4(methane) CO2 and less so these days-sulphur oxides(SO2, SO3 etc).

The CO2 that HUMANS produce every year is about 6 gigatonnes, the volcaonoes alone produce 8 gigtonnes, and the other animals on earth account for about 10 gigtonnes and then when the oceans come into it- well the figures are off the chart. The crooks of it are that humans produce less than 0.9% of the total CO2 going into the atmosphere. You and I are made of CO2 its an organic gas used by countless organisms, why are so many people afraid of it! Well i give something to the environmentalists(but im going to take it straight back again!) CO2 is denser than O2 and would therefore sink below the O2 and suffocate us. Well done envirnmentalists!!! Only PROBLEM that there isn't nearly enough CO2 in the atmosphere for that to happen!!

Well i've talked about why CO2 has increased well what about WHY THE EARTH IS WARMING in the first place. Well like i said the earth has been getting hot and cold for ageslike the ices ages! But seriously now, the good old astronamers have been looking and counting sun-spots for as long telescopes, and spyglasses have been around-there are various techniques to do this without burning your eyes, but i wont go into them, you can google it if you want. But the crunch is that when they counted more sunspots, the temperature was higher, and these days we can accurately see sunspots and the size of them, and the correlation is still there. So it makes sense that the celestial body that gives us any heat at all is responsible for global warming! isnt it environmentalists?! Well...
The yellow spots you can see are sun spots.

In 1940 the global temperature was going down and meterologists predicted an ice age, it then started going up in 1975. WHY??? well in 1940 industrialization reached a peak so CO2(by humans) was at a peak, well going on the media's hype then the temperature should have been going up at this time, but it wasn't. In 1975 the cleanup of emissions was in full swing and CO2 levels (by humans) were going down, so why was the temperature increasing. Well durin 1940-1975 the sunspot count was low, during 1975 to the present sunspot counts are high, so temperatures are increasing. Increased sunspots also decrease cloud formation, i wont go into that because frankly you will get BORED(if your not already), but for any one who wud like to know you can always google it or even better ask me!

There is a time lag associated with the CO2 increase-like i said CO2 increases because the oceans temperature increases. Well to heat up the oceans takes a while, so 800 years of time lag is associated with a temperature increase, and beacuase of this, we can delve into the past world temperatures. If anyone wants to look at the graph of CO2 against Temperature increase then its on the NASA website, and you can decide for yourselves, but there is a clear time lag that shows temperature is leading CO2. And now yes im talking to YOU, FRIENDS OF THE EARTH! The POLAR ICE CAPS are not getting smaller. You see peices falling off on the TV, but the ice caps get smaller and bigger all the time, there is a sped up shot of the ice caps taken by satelites showing the ice gettins bigger and smaller, also on the NASA website. And the MAIN POINT is that this climate change lark has been going on for millions of year-ice cores prove it!!

ANd FINALLY!! phew!! why do people wnt to say global warming is manmade?!?! Well maggie thatcher took the harmfull sulphur emmissions too far (sulphur oxides are TOXIC to us, unlike CO2) and she said that nuclear power stations produce no emissions and they were the way forward, so she paid a team of scientists to study the effects of CO2 on the climate. They were paid by the government, and 2 scientists (with help of THREATING a LAW SUIT) withdrew their names from the report-and therefore-didnt get paid. They withdrew beacause the report contained missinformation, and not the exact words that the scientists used. Theres a lot of money to be made here, like the carbon trust, they get donations, they are a company making money aren't they? Climate change is a load of crap, the climate has been changing for a long time and nothing we do is gonna change that!!

Please, if you have any QUESTIONS or have a repost against my argument, please COMMENT it and i will do my best to FIGHT my case, BE WARNED i study Chemistry, biology, and Geography. And i read around the subjects and i have to say im rather GOOD at them if i do say so myself!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Hi this blog is very neglected im surprised the NSPCB(national society for the proctection of child bogs) hasn't arrived on my doorstep! Well back at the ranch as one of my great german teachers used to say, today i decided i'd post something about the beautiful lunar eclipse yesterday. And for those of you who stayed up to watch the best show you'll ever see direct from your window, (best things in life are free) it truly was spectacular especially if you had a decent pair of binoculars (like me!) or a telescope. Because with the naked eye you cudnt see that much.

Anyway i posted some pictures, although you can't see very much, it jus looks like a light, but i assure you the images in my mind will stay with me forever. Ahh that deep red colour was excellent! Anyway the pictures just show an outline really. The first shot is of the moon at dusk, where its really big and low in the sky, it almost looks like the sun.
Again i apolagise for the poor quality of the photos, some of the middle ones where taken by pointing my camera through the binoculars but it was tricky to hold them both together and steadyliy (did i just make up a word there!?) yeh so anyway there just to give an idea to those who misd it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Born FREE...Taxed To DEATH!

Well it was that time of year again, when the chancellor Gordon Brown gives his report on what he is planning on doing with the tax payers money. He gave the pre-budget speech on wednesday afternoon and it was probably his last as the chancellor and boy you could tell. He was already assuming the position of the PM by talking about schools and way way into the future. Failed to mention the crisis in the NHS though!

And if you ever listen to a debate or speech in the house of commons you'll hear that familiar all time classic 'baaing' sound. You might aswell be in a field on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition somewhere in north yorkshire! Some quite rightly said that his speech was without direction and was a man without a plan (excuse the pun). By the way just to give you some kind of scale as to how long the labour party have been in power, this was Mr. Brown's 10th pre-budget report! Some say we are coming to the end of a legacy and come election time we are going to see people voting in the young David Cameron and his radical-some would say un-conservative ideas. He has been scrutinised by his own party over some of the things he says.

But back to the report on wednesday, he is introduced some green taxes namely on airtravel. Just as air transport is cheaper than ever he brings in an extra tax to raise £1bn, but do we need it and were is the money going? Into his pension?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Back to Politics

Well its all over the news now isn't it, GLOBAL WARMING, RISING SEA LEVELS. We all have to act now. Well lets stike up a bit of contrversy and say i think rising sea levels caused by Human activity are a load of rubbish. Sea levels have been rising for thousands of year, beacause were still recovering from the last ice age! and some people are saying were ready to go into the next ice age-well that jus contradicts everything. Anyway if you don't believe me jus search polar ice cores into google and you'll get the evidence for rising sea levels. The earth maybe warming but its more naturally than manmade-the only bad thing that has happend was the depletion of the ozone layer but even that is now recovering and will be back to full strength within the next decade. It is something to worry about but the media give it too much hype.Another more annoying thing the press go on about is coastal erosion. The G2 newspaper (smaller more managable Gaurdian paper) said that Britain is getting smaller by the day, for the first time ever we need to protect our coasts now. Well the sea has been attacking britains coastline for millions of years and the coastline has been retreating for millions of years-you only have to look at the stacks down on the heritage coast in dorset for that. Or the medevil villages that are now under water along with the land they were sitting on.

HELP OUR VILLAGES ARE FALLING INTO THE SEA!-well dont build em there then! And the coastal defences will only have a detremental effect, down the coast on a another settlement. But the media fail to mention the sea has been coming in for a very long time, they want to sell papers people don't buy newspapers to be reassured they want to buy them to be sacred. People pay to be scared everywhere you go, horror films at the cinema, Ghost train at alton tower or any thrill ride. Its the same.

Well thats all for now folks

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Show Yourself

As i was browsing through the site visitors i came across an unsuspecting international reader. Running google in california, well i'd like to say HI! and leave a comment so i know who you are. I'll have to rethink my posting logistics now! And put some topics that you internationals can understand too like the £112 below to you would be about $220. Anyways please whoever you are SHOW YOURSELF! and leave a comment. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We need a greenbelt so we can see orions belt!

Since moving to my new home in leicester i discovered that we have to pay a charge to the crownies who are supposed to maintain the greenbelt. They call it the maintanance for lanscaping and maintaining the area. £112 bloody quid per 'period'! Whats that, when the Managing Directors wife starts her menstrual cycle he says RIGHT! time to send out the bills for £112 now. Its ridiculous and for what, all ive seen the amatuer garders do is cut the grass around the area and im not talkin peoples lawns either! I thought council tax paid for that, well it did in manchester! For £112 i'd expect em to cut the front and back lawn and trim the hedge!
Greenbelt-thats exactly wat it is (£) GR££N (£).

Infact the guy who sold us our house-a Bellway crownie made it sound like they were gonna take care of the hedge aswell seen as bellway planted it and we are required by law to keep it there at least for a few years (in others words until its grown and established and becomes too much hasle to uproot from the ground). All in the name of the environment eh! Well if the governement cares so much for the environment and for this country they would put less into there salary and more into the actual running of the country and keeping it clean. A real politian would be a poor one thats what i say. I mean really does prescott need two Jags(the two shags is another story)? 1 would suffice, he doesn't need to start a fleet.
Even if Blair hadn't held Bush's hand half way to WWIII we would have enough money not to charge another tax for 'taking care of the environment'.